ACCA BT (F1) Business and Technology

Complete Learning Pack With Tutor Support

Detailed video lectures for complete syllabus

Extensive exam practice questions and solution videos

Short notes to be used as exam revision resource

Graded automated  online quizzes for all chapters

Telegram group support with tutor to ask questions

What is included in ACCA BT (F1) Package


Full syllabus coverage with detailed videos explained in an easy to understand manner


You get printable short notes for pre exam revision


Online quizzes for each topic. Quizzes are auto graded and answers sent to you immediately by system email


You get Telegram group support to contact the tutor, active support until your exam day.


You get final mock exam and feedback to asses your performance


ACCA F1 paper will examine how well participants understand the environment of the business world and how this affects the way companies operate, particularly in regards to the role of accountants within businesses.

You will need to understand how accountants can make a positive impact in the organisation, as well as having a good understanding of essential skills for management.

Since students have different needs and preferences therefore, to meet these needs we offer students two options.
1. ACCA Exam Preparation Pack - Enroll now and start learning.
2. Live Online - For Enquiries [email protected]

Exam Preparation Pack includes;
1. Complete syllabus coverage
2. Video lectures for exam practice questions with tutor explanation
3. Short notes for revision purposes
4. Professional community to interact with the tutor
5. Quizzes
6. Final Mock Exam

We suggest students to follow as given below; 
STEP 1: Watch the lecture video
STEP 2: Read the study text (BPP) for the same chapter
STEP 3: Watch the video for questions and solutions
STEP 4: Do remaining questions from the practice kit
STEP 5: Contact the tutor using whatsapp group or put comments below the course video

Note:  After watching the lecture videos you should press "NEXT".  By pressing next the system records your completed lessons and shows percentage completed which you can see and your tutor can see.

All ACCA courses have standard six months access. You can access the course 24/7 and can watch the videos as many times as you want.  You can download the short notes and other files and print but can not download the videos.

All students get access to Professional Community.  It is a forum built in on our site where students share posts, discuss questions and concepts from syllabus and these post threads become valuable archive for other students to go through while preparing those topics and see the questions raised in past and how the tutors and other students responded to those questions. Indeed very helpful.

Our ACCA courses are prepared and conducted by ACCA professional trainers.  Our past results since 2007 have been outstanding.  The teaching style is very exam focused and students who follow the instructions and guidelines given by the tutor have very high pass rates.

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  • ACCA BT (F1) Business and Technology
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    Complete Learning Pack

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  • Four months access and tutor support
  • Detailed video lectures on complete syllabus
  • Video lectures for exam questions and solutions
  • Short notes
  • Quizzes and progress tests
  • Community option to access the tutor
  • Final mock exam